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Free To Dance – The Bishop Paul Morton & The Full Gospel Baptist Fellowship Story

BIshop Paul S. Morton Free To Dance Documentary Bishop Paul S. Morton Free To Dance Documentary

FREE TO DANCE is a documentary that traces the remarkable journey of Bishop Paul S. Morton and the formation of the Full Gospel Baptist Church Fellowship. His efforts to break traditional barriers in the Baptist denomination by merging Baptist traditions with fiery Pentecostal flavor, met fire-raising resistance.

Tackling topics such as laying hands, women preaching and speaking in tongues, pastors were locked out and churches split. Bishop Morton and others speak candidly about the fight for religious freedom and the organization that gives Baptist the Right to Choose.

The documentary will feature, Bishop Paul S. Morton, Co-Pastor Debra Morton, Bishop T.D. Jakes, Byron Cage, Bishop Charles Blake, Evangelist Jackie McCullough and many others.  To purchase DVD visit:


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