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Filmmakers using IPhone 6S 4k for Documentary

Filmmakers using IPhone 6S 4k for Documentary

Though plenty of videos have surfaced that put the 6s’ 4K video to the test, the journalists that make up RYOT have made the first 4K short film using the smartphone, revealing just how powerful of a tool the iPhone 6s can be. You can watch The Painter of Jalouzi below.

Now, even though the iPhone 6s can produce great images on its own, RYOT, like many other smartphone filmmakers, use special tools to make the smartphone more powerful. RYOT used an mCam cradle that allowed them to mount high end camera lenses, handheld stabilizer from ikan, and a DJI Phantom to capture those beautiful aerials. The filmmakers detail their process in the BTS featurette below:

The film tells the story of one citizen from Jalouzi, one of the largest slums in Haiti, who is determined to bring color to the impoverished area by helping paint the entire town, literally.

Believing that color has the power to transform his community, he’s helping to paint everywhere – on houses, on buses, and the entire hillside. Armed with brushes of bright blues, pastel pinks, and sunshine yellows, he’s helping to mobilize citizens of all ages, determined to turn the grey town into a rainbow full of color to lead the way to a brighter Haiti.

A film by David Darg & Bryn Mooser

Filmed on iPhone 6s Plus

Artists: Duval Pierre & Gerard Fortune

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