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Creating a space to nurture the talents of the filmmaker is very important to us. We at Open Rivers constantly look for ways to launch our students into one of the greatest lifestyles downloaded, the lifestyle of a filmmaker. Please consider helping us build this creative community by volunteering for one of the following positions in our education division.

Requirements for all positions:
1. Have attended and completed one workshop at Open Rivers Film Academy.
2. Commitment of 6 months.

To apply:
1. Send email with your latest resume
2. Place position in the subject line
3. Include the workshop name and month you attended
4. Email: by April 10.


Communications Managers (2)
Will assist with keeping students informed of events and productions.

Student Activities Coordinators (2)
Will assist with creating and developing events and various opportunities for students to network.

Student Coordinators (2)
Will assist with developing and scheduling teams for events and productions.

Office Production Assistants (2)
Will act as support for Student Affairs and it’s various projects

Project Managers (2)
The project managers will assist with managing and scheduling various team projects.

Production Managers (2)
Will assist with setting up the logistics and insuring team productions have the necessary equipment to complete projects.


Thank you for your consideration ! Let’s make a mark on the film industry that can’t be erased!